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Consignors tag and price all of their own items. Instructions on how to make
your description tags are given below. With each consignor tagging their items
the same way The Savvy Mom Sale will be an organized, easy-to-shop consignment
sale. We appreciate your attention to details as you prepare your items! Please
call/text Jennifer @ 533-4387 if you have any problems.

Items you will need:

  • Computer with printer
  • LARGE safety pins
  • Scissors
  • 8.5x11 inch Card stock, White/Off White

Simple steps to making tags with barcodes:                                               

1) Prepare items you wish to consign, then hang clothing on hangers.
2) Log-in with your consignor #.
3) Type in description & asking price (see Pricing Suggestions).
4) Using the easy scroll, select the size & check to discount and/or donate unsold items
5) Print the tags on CARD STOCK. [Firefox is NOT compatible.]
6) 10 tags will print per page. Secure tags to items with LARGE safety pins

**After your type in your item description(s) & click enter, it will automatically be saved.
You may add more & print at a later time***  

DESCRIPTIONS: Write very detailed descriptions! If a card is lost, the only way we
can match it back with the item is by the description you write! Good examples are:
brand, color, 2-pc, etc. If your item qualifies as “NEW,” write that in your description
FOR greater appeal! 

If you change your mind on the price or half-price option you MUST print a NEW tag! DO NOT mark out the barcode's price or discount and write on the tag. The item will scan at the checkout according to what is encoded in the barcode, not what is written on the barcode sticker. Consignors that do not follow this guideline may be prohibited from future sales - this becomes a BIG issue by substantially slowing down the checkout process.

Incentives for shoppers to buy your items because of faster check out with scanning   
Track your sales online, so that you know how much $$$ to expect in the mail   
No MORE guessing how much you earned!!! Along with your check, you will also    
To receive a print out of your sold items along with the item description & how much each
item sold for the (full or discounted) price!

Make sure your car seat or larger item has not been recalled by the manufacturer. This
information can be found at the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission's website

Please e-mail us if you have ANY questions: info@thesavvymomsale.com